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Who has fond memories of the time they spent serving in the RAF? How many units or bases that you served on are still open? Few or none? Our founder Barry Hodge often drives past his first posting. He has a smile when he recalls some of the memories from his time on that base. It was on one of these journeys that the idea for the Four Prop was born.

Barry Hodge


This page explains why Four Prop exists and how you can help make a difference. 

As times change the RAF gets smaller and smaller which sees units merge and stations close. RAF aircraft enter and leave service as technology changes. Those that severed with those units, on now closed bases or on old aircraft have fond memories. 

Most RAF memorabilia is generic and to those that have served don’t mean much. Their generic nature does not provide fond memories for RAF veterans. The aim at Four Prop is to create RAF memorabilia that brings back those fond memories. As a Ministry of Defence Licence holder a number of Four Prop items are Officially Licensed Products.

Some of us are fortunate when we finally hang up our uniform and are able to adjust very quickly to civilian life. Hopefully it is only a few months before you no longer refer to the car as a wagon!

Yet for a variety of different reasons while serving or as a veteran some us need support. RAFA, the RAF Benevolent Fund and other military charities do a great job supporting us.

RAF Benevolent Fund

In 2020 it was sad to see RAFA forced to close two of their wings  breaks hotels Flowerdown House and Rothbury House. They were forced to make this difficult decision due to a lack of funds. Like lots of charities 2020 was a difficult year as fund raising essentially stopped.

Charities are heavily reliant on fundraising and when this stops donations are the only other way charities receive funds.

It is therefore the aim of Four Prop to donate an ever increasing percentage of profits to RAFA, RAF Benevolent Fund, other military charities and associations.

This will hopefully lead to an increase rather than decrease of services these great charities offer. You never know but we may even see Flowerdown House reopen. 

With Four Prop determined to donate a percentage of profits every  year you will therefore directly support these charities as well as receiving some great RAF memorabilia.



See Flowerdown House reopen


Increase donations to military charities so they are not dependent upon fund raising. 


Each year Four Prop can make a larger donation to these charities


Create great RAF memorabilia that brings back fond memories for RAF Veterans.